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Whitney Lindquist: Revealing the Struggle

Whitney Lindquist is a multi-instrumental musician who writes, arranges, records, and produces her own music. She is very proudly out as a lesbian and enjoys writing about and expressing that perspective. She is known for not keeping one album to one genre and can capture multiple energies in her music.

Theresa Croft: Abandoning Perfectionism

Guest Theresa Croft joins Anne Dorko on Mind the Artist to discuss her track Push – and how she uses her music to spread her message of hope and encourages you not to lose yourself in pursuit of arbitrary goals that don't reflect your true values.

Daniel Carr: Evoking Moods in Wordless Tracks

Guest Daniel Carr joins Anne Dorko on Mind the Artist to discuss his track Spelunking – and how he evokes different types of moods in wordless tracks with the end goal of storytelling and game music composition in mind.

Meri Amber: Telling Stories With Comedy

Guest Meri Amber joins Anne Dorko on Mind the Artist to discuss her track Baby Baby Butt So Sexy – and the way it plays a role in her stories and social commentary via comedy in song form.

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